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We have been doing as much Literacy as we can through our IPC topic. This includes poetry, stories and information writing based on the theme.

In SPaG we have been learning about spelling patterns, punctuation and grammar.  This includes fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and relative clauses.



In Reading we are using some helpful dogs to answer comprehension questions. These dogs are Rex Retriever who retrieves information, Prediction Pip who predicts what might happen next and Sequencing Suki who puts information in the correct order.

Ask your child about ‘metacognition’ and ‘schema’!



Please try and listen to your child read daily or as much as possible. This is such an important part of their learning and they need to be confident to read different texts. When you listen to your child read please write it in their yellow Reading Record so we can keep a check on how well they are doing and they can earn their Read to Succeed points for prizes.


There is an amazing free website that you can register with to read a great selection of e-books. These books link with our reading levels and have activities to do after the children have read the book. The website comes with audio, so if your child finds reading challenging try listening to the story first to build confidence.

Give it a go! After all it’s free!!