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In English we use the programmes of study for key stages 1 and 2 for the National Curriculum in England. For a complete overview please click HERE to open a new window with the whole document from the Department for Education.

Where relevant we teach English through the IPC units.

Children will be given the opportunity to develop to the full, their abilities in:

  • Spoken language
  • Reading – Word reading
  • Reading – Comprehension
  • Writing – Transcription
  • Writing – Composition
  • Writing – Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation
  • Handwriting and presentation
  • Spelling

The lead staff member for English is Miss Saunders who is supported by Miss Oakley.


Teaching reading is at the heart of our curriculum and phonics teaching is systematically taught from the earliest opportunity. It is primarily based around ‘Letters and Sounds’ using LCP plans as an initial guide. Children are first introduced to phonics teaching in YN where they undertake activities from ‘Phase 1’ – Letters and Sounds. Aspects of other phases are then introduced to individual pupils as appropriate. Children are ability grouped for phonics teaching in reception and through into year 1 (linked to phases) and taught daily for a tightly planned and fast paced session of 20 minutes in their group by either a class teacher or trained assistant. These groupings are regularly reviewed and amended according to the progress of the children. The skills covered in these sessions are then further embedded throughout the rest of the curriculum where appropriate. This is developed even further through parental links whereby staff meet with parents to give an overview of phonics teaching and the screening check process and to share specific information on decoding and blending. Pupils also take home decodable books.