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Nimrod Classnimrod

Welcome to Nimrod Class with Mrs Macfarlane and Mrs Eyres.

Important Dates

Nimrod Class Assembly

Wednesday 23rd November. Assembly starts at 10:30, doors open at 10:20.


The children have been working hard over the last few months. So far this term we have covered various text types including: narratives, explanation texts, playscripts and persuasive writing. The children have developed their use of punctuation and have been improving their use of inverted commas, commas and apostrophes. The children have been improving their reading by pausing to think about the sentences they have read and relating these to their personal experiences.


The word Maths, along with mathematical symbols, written on a green chalkboard

I have seen a big improvement in the children’s maths abilities this term. They have not only developed their calculation methods but are using these intuitively to solve a variety and increasingly difficult range of problems, such as: converting between fractions and decimals, converting between analogue and digital times and working out time problems, working out area and perimeter and investigating angles and coordinates and using their rounding skills to simplify their mental maths calculations.

To help with your Times Tables click here and try this online activity!

 Land, Sea, Sky:

This is our new topic which will keep us going into the Spring Term. This is mainly a science based topic in which we will be finding out about:

  • How water plants are different from other plants
  • How fish have adapted to living in water
  • How birds are adapted to flying
  • How to create a classification key to group animals
  • About food chains in different world habitats
  • About the life cycles of plants and animals
  • How environmental changes are a threat to the world’s coral reefs