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Vulcan Class


Welcome to Vulcan Class.

Our teachers are Miss Smith and Mrs Davenport.

In Vulcan class, we are very lucky to have Mrs Heffer and Mrs Eden as our teaching assistants, to help us with our learning.

Our School Councillor is Megan – congratulations on being voted in!

Why not take a look at what we have been learning about…?


Last half term we studied The Stone Age and did lots of exciting activities, including creating our own cave paintings, making clay pots and dissecting pretend poo to work out what cave people ate!

This term our topics are ‘Bright Sparks’ and ‘Inventions that changed the world’. We have been learning about electrical safety and light sources already and are enjoying our new topic area.




In maths we are beginning to apply our new and stronger skills in the four calculations to real life problems including time, money and fractions.

We can choose our level of challenge and we are learning about the importance of pushing ourselves and trying our hardest. Choosing our own work allows us to take charge in our own learning and development.



This year, we have been very excited about our English work.

We look at texts which link to our topics where possible so last half term we studied ‘Cave Baby’ and ‘Stone Age Boy’. This half term we are currently looking at leaflets and information texts to help us learn more about electricity.


We have regular reading lessons where we are using the reading dogs to help us remember to use all of our reading skills which we are really enjoying! Ask us more about: Rex Retriever, Summarising Sheba and Inference Iggy!



Our modern foreign language is French. We love playing games, singing songs and learning new words. We have learnt about France as a country, how to introduce ourselves and greet people, numbers to 20 and days of the week.


Every week on a Friday we get homework to do for the following Thursday. It is important that children try their hardest at every piece given. If the work is tricky, we can ask our teacher for help or we can go to homework club on a Monday lunchtime.


It is always important for us to read at home to an adult. In class we have a Reading Star chart, every time we read at home and have our reading journal signed by an adult, we earn stickers.



PE and swimming.

We are currently swimming on Tuesday mornings, which we are really excited about, and our P.E. day is Thursday. After Christmas, we will be returning to P.E. on Tuesdays and Thursdays but it is very useful if P.E. kits are brought into school on Monday morning and taken home on Friday afternoon.