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Vulcan Class


Welcome to Vulcan Class.

Our teacher, Miss Smith, has gone on maternity leave to have her baby boy, so we are now being taught by Mr Hicks.

In Vulcan class, we are very lucky to have Mrs Ward as our teaching assistant, to help us with our learning.

Our School Councillors are Zoe and Kenny – Well done for getting all of your votes!

Why not take a look at what we have been learning about…?

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This term our topic is about Chocolate. We have been learning about the countries that grow the coca bean and how Chocolate is made. We have also learnt about the Aztecs and how they lived in Mexico around the 1200s.


In maths we are beginning to apply our new and stronger skills in the four calculations to real life problems including time, money and fractions.

Our teacher Miss Smith lets us choose which chilli challenge (level of work) we would like to complete in our lessons, to allow us to take charge in our own learning and development. We always try to challenge ourselves and work really hard.

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This year, we have been very excited about our English work.

We are currently using a new way to teach writing, which is called ‘Talk for Writing’. We are having lots of fun learning all sorts of new words, word meanings, whole stories and non-fiction texts also!

Our English work tends to link to our topic, which of course is Chocolate.

We have been using the book “Charlie and the Chocolate factory” to act as a stimulus in our writing.  We have recently written some letters to Willy Wonka persuading him to allows us to visit his factory. We have also used descriptive language to describe the characters.



Our favourite subject is French. We love playing games and learning new words. We have just learnt our numbers to 20, classroom commands, colours and the months of the year! We can even have a conversation with others in French!

We are now looking at describing our selves and our family.


Every week on a Friday we get homework to do for the following Friday. It is important that children try their hardest at every piece given. If the work is tricky, we can ask our teacher for help or we can go to homework club on a Monday lunchtime.


It is always important for us to read at home to an adult. In class we have a Reading Star chart, every time we read at home and have our reading journal signed by an adult, we earn stickers