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Apricot Class

Welcome to Apricot Class.

Our topic for this term is ‘Time Detectives’. We will be learning about events and people from the past. The children will be enjoying finding out about Neil Armstrong, Guy Fawkes and The Great Fire of London. We will be mainly learning History, Science and Art. We will also be working on various Writing and Reading skills alongside this in English such as finger spaces, capital letters and full stops and exclamation marks. We will be using sounds and words to write sentences and linked sentences. We will read texts linking with the past or finding out information about the past. We will also enjoy some Poetry.

Play a super Great Fire of London game HERE




Each morning the children go into their ability groupings in Phonics and will work solely on the skills required for that level. They will learn how to decode unknown words and also the spellings of ‘tricky words’ which cannot be written using phonics and need to just be learned. Here are some links to phonics games that you might like to play at home.



We will be adding using cubes, pictures and fingers to count on.  Also subtracting using cubes, pictures and fingers, counting up to the whole number from the part.

We will be looking at ordinal numbers 1st 2nd 3rd etc and working on odd and even numbers.

We will also be  learning to recognise various coins and notes , count and add using money.

Play this money game HERE