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Apricot Class

Welcome to Apricot Class and many thanks for your continued support in so many ways. We appreciate your help so much.

Our topic for this term is “What’s it made of?”  We will be learning about materials and their properties. The children will be enjoying finding out materials through exploration and testing as well as making. We will be mainly learning Science, Technology and our International Learning Goal of being able to work together where appropriate.


Each morning the children go into their ability groupings in Phonics and will work solely on the skills required for that level. They will learn how to decode unknown words and also the spellings of ‘tricky words’ which cannot be written using phonics and need to just be learned. Here are some links to phonics games that you might like to play at home.



We will be counting  up to 100 and beyond, forwards and backwards! We count to and from 100 in tens and fives. We also count to and from 20 in twos. We use numberlines, counters, numicon and dienes to help us add and take away. We will be dividing and multiplying using practical objects. We will be investigating fractions  looking at halves and quarters. We will investigate and use number bonds to solve real stories (word problems).  Number bonds to 10 and 20 and telling the time using o’clock and half past continue to be Year One goals.

Helping your child learn Number bonds by rote is a really helpful thing for them to do. For example:-

Number bonds to 10 are :-

0+10=10      6+4=10

1+9=10         7+3=10

2+8=10        8+2=10

3+7=10         9+1=10

4+6=10       10+0=10


Number bonds to 20 are :-

0+20=20      6+14=20    19+1=20      13+7=20

1+19=20         7+13=20   18+3=20   12+8=20

2+18=20        8+12=20   17+3=20   11+9=20

3+17=20         9+11=20      16+4=20

4+16=20       10+10=20     15+5=20

5+15=20         20+0=20       14+6=20

Also being able to recognise coins up to £2 and order them according to their worth.


We will also be working on various Writing and Reading skills alongside this in English such capital letters and full stops as well as exclamation marks and question marks. We will be using sounds and words to write sentences,linked sentences and even paragraphs where appropriate. We will read texts linking with Traditional Tales or Fairy Stories as well as Materials and their properties. We will also be revisiting Easter. Children need to learn their High Frequency words and be able to spell them. They should be able to write a short sentence from memory dictated to them by an adult (using learned tricky words where possible) and their handwriting should show clear ascenders and descenders. Days of the week ordered and spelling correct as well as the letter names of the alphabet in order. Please remind them that the song does not say “elemeno” and it is “LMNO”.