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Pineapple Class


The class teacher in Pineapple Class is Mrs Broad.  The teaching assistants are Mr Langford and Miss  Evans.

Our topic this term is mini-beasts. Mini-beasts are more commonly thought of as only insects, however mini-beasts are any small invertebrate animal such as spiders, ants, bees, butterflies, bees, wasps and woodlice.

On the 26th June we will be going on the year 1 school trip to Lackford Lakes, where we will undertake a number of activities related to mini-beasts and the outdoors in general, we will be undertaking mini-beast hunts, pond dipping and some woodland crafts.

Later on in the term our topic will be “Lets go on Holiday” within this topic we will look at holidays in the past and the present. We will also be having a week long focus on America which we may even visit!(In a pretend way, no passport required) The children always enjoy this week.